Chattanooga TN

Alone in a boulder fields screaming at rocks… Sounds like the description of a crazy person. Maybe it is. Its my happy place though. Not that I prefer to always be alone. I love when my friends are with me. There positive vibes and encouragement seams to give me the confidence I need to go harder. When I’m on rock though, I’m alone. For those few seconds nothing any one else does can effect me. Its all on me. Thats probably a big part of why I love to builder. Im also really ADHD I can’t focus on anything for more then a few seconds so I tend to loose focus on sport routes. Bouldering though is like medication for my mind. I can hyper focus for 10 seconds on the smallest of details then I’m free to let my mind wander. The tiny pebbles in the stone, the micro edge a toe might be on, or the sharpness of a crimp. Most of all I can focus on the moves. Ahh the moves. Its amazing what a person can do. Learning body positioning and the skills needed to make a move you have never done before is extremely exciting. With bouldering you don’t have to do 50 other moves just to get to the good stuff. Nah with bouldering your already there. I could go on and on about why I love to boulder but I think id rather just go scream at rocks.

Boulder canyon CO

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