Balance is a word I have been thinking a lot about lately. A few years ago I thought balance in life was going to college, getting a good job, and keeping a social life with friends and family. Now a days balance to me is keeping a good job while still being able to spend enough time training for rock climbing and taking trips to climb.

As my progression with rock climbing is growing I can’t help but think my passion for my current career is not. I went to Culinary school because I needed a path to go down and I was very familiar with food. I did great in school graduating the top of my class and getting a great job right out of school. Things were very steady in my life, but I didn’t have any passion. And it wasn’t until I climbed my first route outside that I understood what the word passion was. The first time I hiked into my first rock wall was an unreal moment. I was so nervous and excited and didn’t know if I wanted to throw up or run for the hills. I found myself staring up an 70ft rock face with quick draws on my harness and my heart in my stomach. But the moment my hands touched the fine sandstone of the Red River Gorge my life was changed forever.  

The feeling a climber gets while there on a wall runs from thrilling to electrifying and everything in between. We are actually living in those short moments and feel more alive then most people do in their entire life time, and that to me is passion. Having something in your life that makes your heart race and body awake with fire. Rock climbing has introduced me to the most wonderful people in the most wildly beautiful places. It has become and part of my soul and who I am as person. And that is why I am struggle with balance. To be a responsible adult with a good job, and to be true to myself and feed my passion. I think every true climber goes thew this and eventually finds there balance. I know its possible to find because I have seen it many times. Have no fear friends, were all on our path of balance and will find it. Just remember, climb on.

Cheers, Shell