After 12 hours of traveling by bus, plane, car, and feet I finally arrived. My stomach sank in anticipation and my heart raced with excitement, I was back in Barcelona. The moment I stepped off the plane I could smell fresh paella and taste the sweet crisp of sangria on my lips. This was my second time visiting the wonderful city of Barcelona and I was eager to dive right back into the captivating culture of this coastal city.

     My dear friend and I rented an apartment in the heart of the city and hit the ground running. We spent most days with local friends eating paella so good that it leaves your mouth watering for more and enjoying local tapas of olives, raviolis, potatoes, seafood and so much more. We indulged ourselves in local cuisine and crisp sangria and didn't regret a single bite. When we weren't eating our weight in local food we stayed very active. We kayaked and snorkeled in Costa Brava and guided threw water so crystal clear you could see all the way to the bottom of the sea floor. We rock climbed in Montserrat and saw views so beautiful it takes your breath away. The city of Barcelona is very active and we walked as much as we could taking in the natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and local parks with trees so green and vibrant you can't help but gaze at their beauty.

     We tried to immerse ourself in the local culture to really experience the Spaniard lifestyle but also make a point to visit tourist attractions such as Park Guelle with its gorgeous overlook of the city and mosaic charm, and Sagrada Familia which is the most astonishing church I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. This church draws you in with its unique and vast architectural design and drowns you in its galore and beauty.

     It's never enough time visiting such an alive city as Barcelona and my heart aches in the feeling of leaving this wonderful place. In the short nine days I have spent in Spain, I have kayaked with Germans, dined with locals, rock climbed with accomplished athletes, and toured the most astonishing places of Barcelona. I experienced enough joy to bring myself to tears and fill my heart with all the desire to keep traveling and enjoying the wonderful cultures of this beautiful world.